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Figure Skating in Harlem Empowering Health and Fitness

At FSH, we place immense value on the well-being and physical fitness of our students. Our mission is to provide a safe, exciting environment where our girls can embrace the joy of group skating instruction, aligning with the framework set by the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA). Our dedication to nurturing recreational and beginner skaters has earned us recognition from the United States Olympic Committee, exemplified by the prestigious Rings of Gold Award. This esteemed honor applauds our commitment to nurturing children's dreams, imparting invaluable life skills to girls, and leaving a positive impact through the promotion of fitness.

Figure Skating

Figure skating is a sport that demands an extraordinary level of physical and mental discipline, coupled with unwavering dedication. For many of our students, stepping onto the ice is a momentous occasion, often marking their very first encounter with the rink. Under the expert guidance of our professional skating staff, these young talents receive group instruction up to four afternoons per week. As they progress, they seize additional opportunities, such as coveted spots on the synchronized skating team and summer scholarships to esteemed programs like the Lake Placid Summer Figure Skating Program and Chelsea Piers Figure Skating Camp.


of students agreed that their skating classes were fun, engaging, and challenging.


of students moved up by one testing level and approximately 36% of students moved up by two or more skating levels.

Learn to Skate USA Groups

Our girls are placed into Learn to Skate USA groups based on their skating ability and age. Here, they embark on a transformative journey, learning proper techniques, boosting self-esteem, and cultivating a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness through the art of skating. Our commitment extends beyond the ice, with the inclusion of our Girls Off-Ice Fitness Investment Training (GO-Fit) program. This holistic approach ensures our students not only excel in skating but also gain knowledge in nutrition, fitness, and body awareness through various classes encompassing ballet, jazz, and Laban Movement.

Each student showcases their growth and artistry by participating in at least one of our special events throughout the year, including the Annual Ice Show and the annual Gwendolyn Simmons Soul on Ice Winter Skating Party. To concretely measure their progress, our girls undertake the U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills test. At the conclusion of the program year, we gather to celebrate their remarkable achievements, both on and off the ice, at our highly anticipated Awards Banquet.


Committed to the well-rounded development of our students, all participate in GO-FIT (Girls Off-Ice Fitness Investment Training) at least once a week throughout the season.

Our Stars (grades 1-3) and Pros (grades 3-5) alternate between dance classes and GO-FIT sessions weekly. Dance serves as an introduction to GO-FIT, fostering basic body movements, and exposure to various dance styles, choreography, and expressive movements.

Throughout the season, we conduct four assessments within GO-FIT to monitor our students' physical progress. Our goal is simple yet profound: to impart invaluable lessons that empower our girls to maintain healthy, fit bodies throughout their lives, embracing the importance of well-being beyond their time with FSH.

FSH is the best program for the young ladies of Harlem. Self-esteem building, team building, and social awareness. The opportunity afforded them is amazing.
- Allyson Neal Springett (FSH Parent)

Our more than 20 skating instructors and 25 on-ice volunteers come from impressive and varied backgrounds, and include professional skaters, USFS Gold Medalists and New York area school teachers. Some of these instructors offer classes in “Moves in the Field” and “Theatre on Ice” for higher-level students.