What We Do



Our commitment to education is woven into the very fabric of FSH, preparing our students for both academic excellence and personal growth. At FSH, we strive to nurture leaders of tomorrow by equipping our students with the skills they need to excel today.


of students maintain a B average or higher annually, with 25% of those receiving straight A's.


of students showed an improved competency in STEM concepts.


of students showed improvement in reading or math using FSH's standardized computer assessment.

Holistic Curriculum

Beyond the ice, our certified teachers, counselors, mentors, and tutors engage FSH students in a dynamic array of off-ice educational activities. This comprehensive curriculum enriches study habits, enhances core competencies in reading, writing, and math, fosters positive social and emotional skills, imparts communication and literacy skills, introduces financial literacy, and explores STEM concepts, all while promoting good health and nutrition.


College Access Program

Guiding and training parents and students in high school and college readiness is a cornerstone of our mission. Our objective is clear: to prepare every girl for a four-year college journey. 100% of our program participants graduate from high school and matriculate to college.


Our small group tutoring sessions, led by more than 10 NYC Board of Education teachers, tutors, and graduate students, are designed to empower each student. Through individualized learning plans based on academic standing, observation, and assessment results, we ensure that girls are performing at or above their grade levels. The results speak volumes, with 88% of our girls maintaining a 88% average or higher.


Our students become confident communicators through weekly writing and public speaking classes. Younger students focus on competency and mechanics, while middle school participants craft personal narratives based on their life experiences. High school students take writing classes that prepare them for the college application process.

FSH’s vision is to empower every young girl with the foundational academic, social and leadership skills to achieve her dreams. She will be a powerful speaker, effective leader, live a healthy lifestyle and be a global citizen.