Before lacing up their skates each day, FSH students are engaged in an exciting array of off-ice educational activities led by certified teachers, counselors, mentors and tutors. Our signature curriculum is designed to enhance study habits, improve core competencies in reading, writing and math, promote positive social and emotional skills, teach communication and literacy skills, introduce financial literacy and STEM concepts, and promote good health and nutrition.

To meet our objective of having all of our girls succeed at entering a four-year college, we have instituted a College Access Program that guides and trains parents and students on high school and college readiness. In 2015 FSH received the prestigious Sport for Education Award at the Global Beyond Sport Summit in London. Out of hundreds of programs worldwide, we were recognized for excellence in our educational programming.



Small group tutoring is at the core of our education program. More than 23 NYC Board of Education teachers, tutors and graduate students conduct sessions each afternoon in our Academic Center.

Students are matched with tutors based on their academic standing, tutors’ observations and their STAR Enterprise Assessment results. We make sure each student has an individual learning plan that supports the student’s needs.

Our goal is to make sure the girls are performing at and above their grade level. The vast majority of our girls maintain a ‘B’average or higher in school, with 23% achieving ‘A’s last season.



Our creative and practical approach to STEM curriculum ignites our students’ interest in science through the lens of figure skating. These classes explore topics from cardiovascular and heart health, skeletal and muscular systems to the engineering of ice rinks, Newtonian physics, friction, and coding.



Our students become clear, persuasive communicators through our weekly writing and public speaking classes. Tutors work with our younger students on competency and mechanics. 

Younger girls also participate in Book Club and guided reading exercises. Our middle school students reflect on their life experiences when writing their personal narratives. High school participants take writing classes that help prepare them for the college application process.


Through weekly classes developed by award winning journalist Stacey Tisdale, Senior Editor of Black Enterprise, students learn about financial values. 

Her Winning Plays curriculum emphasizes the importance of setting goals and creating action plans to achieve confidence about financial matters. Lessons include generating income, understanding the value of saving and spending wisely, and techniques to help students stay on track with their short, medium and long-term goals.

FSH’s vision is to empower every young girl with the foundational academic, social and leadership skills to achieve her dreams. She will be a powerful speaker, effective leader, live a healthy lifestyle and be a global citizen.